Adult Learning Theories

Principles of Adult Learning Theory according to Malcolm Knowles As has already been established, Andragogy as one of the theories of Adult Learning involves a dramatic a dual shift in focus, from the trainer to the learner and from content to process. Traditionally, trainers are considered to be the experts, they possess knowledge and skills and it is their mission to pass them on to learners. As a result, trainers decide what is taught, in […]

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The platform is ready to go!

We are pleased to let you all know that you can now use the IC-English platform for learning and teaching purposes. The application consists of 250 multimedia that support the process of learning English language. Trainers will also find lesson plans along with worksheets for running lessons on levels from A1 to B1. Trainers manual (ebook) is availble for download and some e-learning lessons are at your disposal after choosing Trainer section. And all of […]

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Learning Styles Inventory and Questionnaire

When it comes to assessing learning styles, at present many instruments are used in both academic and professional contexts. Among them you find KLSI (Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory) and Honey & Mumford’s LSQ (Learning Styles Questionnaire). Regarding ESL, Reid’s (1984) Perceptual Learning Styles Preference Questionnaire was the first to be designed for this particular field, at university level (Wintergerst, DeCapua & Verna, 2002). However, since we’re focusing on Honey and Mumford Learning Styles, we’ll consider […]

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Knowles’s andragogy – principles and implications

Knowles’s andragogy – The Andragogy in Practice Model Some of the criticism levelled at Knowles’s view of andragogy in its early days was that he considered the individual as isolated from his/her context and situation. Knowles later revised his theory and indeed continued adjusting it to the results of research and input from his own experience as well as that of other theorists and disciplines. The Andragogy in Practice Model is a framework which incorporates […]

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What do trainers say?

After a year of project implementation, the initial version of the results was completed. The time for the testing phase came; therefore, we invited a group of over 20 experienced English teachers from three partner countries for 3-day workshops. The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS took place on 20th-22nd of November 2019 in Lublin (Poland). During these workshops, our experts presented the results and requested feedback from the participants. Thanks to their hard work […]

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